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Here's me! I'm not the looker, but I guess I ain't gruesome either.

As some of you know (or at least I hope you do... -.-b) I've been striving to become a writer how well I've succeeded, I don't know. Since I'm not a Native English Speaker, it's a tad more difficult cause I sometimes faulter and it's only a reason more added to why folks would call me stupid. I'm sorry. I do try so you can at least give me credit for that. I like to broaden my horizons with every occasion I get. I like to try out stuff and whichever I consider fits my twisted personality, I'll keep. I consider myself friendly although I sometimes tend to sting with my remarks. However, those who have experienced my stings have gotten accustomed. I'm in love with life, and have something against suicidal people. I'm not saying I'm a Christian I have no idea when's the last time I went to church... -.-# but I just have it against suicidal folks. Like any other person I listen to music. Although I like to consider myself open-minded when it comes to music genres there are three that I will never, under and circumstances, ever listen to: 1. My country's folkloric music. 2. MANELE (which is a type of gipsy music) & 3. Rap. I will listen to any other type except these three. In the favorite section, you're likely to find any band from '75-'95 span since that's what I grew up on. Feel free to believe anything you like about the person that is 'I'.

Life - a sequence of moments so intense that they can only last this long and not a second longer.

How evil are you?