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Mar. 19th, 2010


Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?
Ok so the best movie I've seen this year, isn't something that came out this year. It's a very old movie actually. But hey, it's one of those classics that is ageless because of the language used. Or maybe that's just my opinion. Anyone remember "Spaceballs"??? Look it up, grab some popcorn and prepare for something funny :)

Now the best song... also an oldie. My personal favorite: "Lebo M - The lion sleeps tonight". Hell I have a lot of favorite songs, but somehow I always tune in to this one. It just has a good vibe to it. Otherwise "Madonna feat. Lil Wayne - Revolver" is something that'll get me moving.

Best book? Now that's a hard one. Maybe a favorite author would be more appropriate. Kelley Armstrong, I am forever in awe at what spawns in your beautiful imagination.

Feb. 2nd, 2010


Writer's Block: Game dream believer

If you could wake up and spend 24 hours in an online game with any weapons/powers, would you do it? If so, what type of game would you choose, and why?

God bless who ever invented games. Especially MMORPG's. Dunno if anyone's heard of zOMG!, but if I could live 24h in that game it'd be awesome. My role there is that of a medic. The idea is that you get to equip 8 rings and use them to keep your crew (6 members) safe and awake (since you don't die, you only get "dazed")
The medic set (Adrenaline, Bandage, Diagnose & Defibrillate) and the other 4 which I use (Rock Armor, Divinity, Fire Rain & Solar Rays) are in my opinion the best combination ever.
It gives me such a great satisfaction to know that I'm a key person in my crew. It makes me feel important. And above all I get to do what I like the most: keep those who I care about safe. I'm a mother-hen type of person. I'm always looking out for the well-being of others and I feel acomplished when I notice my worry and agitation is repaid by an accomplished run through a level or quest.
Looking at it from a different perspective I might also have a super-hero type of complex if you want to look it at such. Like in the Bruce Willis joke. ("Q: Why wasn't Bruce Willis a character in Titanic? A: Because he would have saved everyone") I do like to save people. Whether physically or emotionally I like to help. It's my drive.
Of course, in order for my purpose and role to be active I'd also need a limitless supply of stamina. If only... Gotta love "if". A condition establishing word.

Jan. 21st, 2010


Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?
Every time I think about my LJ name and nickname in general, I smile. I loved reading fanfiction a few years back and had a "thing" for Trigun based fiction, and there was this author who wrote a very good piece. The scene was about a she who earned the money for both them by wining a drinking game, and at night when they went to sleep he said "Good night my little alky angel." Thought it was cute, didn't exactly know what alky meant but adopted it all the same. Then when I got asked if I really was an alky I started to have second thoughts and looked it up. Had a good laugh when I figured out it meant alcoholic but didn't change it. I am damn proud about my nickname and will always be in debt to the one who inspired it with her writing.

Oct. 24th, 2009


Home. For. My. 21st. Yeah!

Taken when Lina went back to Italy. These 2 are the people that light my darkest hours. Love, Peace, Respect for my 2 best friends. Thank you for being there for me Peg, Lina. I am home for today, but  who knows where the future might find me tomorrow?

Sep. 29th, 2009


Last day home...

Last day home, before I have to start packing my bags for my senior year. Damn, summer has been inordinately short this year. I wish I could prolong this day for at least another week. I really do like my bedroom, with all my things sprawled across and around everywhere... *Sigh* I suppose it's just wistful thinking though. Doubt there's a way of really avoiding going back...

May. 20th, 2009



Tell me...
If we ever happened to meet
Would you be upset with me
If I stumbled on my own words
And blushed fiercely each time our eyes met?

Tell me...
If you knew I fantasized about you
And used you as inspiration for my poems
Would you think less of me or see me in
a different light?

Tell me...
Would you laugh, or perhaps sneer malvolently
At my poor attempts of trying to be even
Remotely appealing to you although
Mother Nature has maybe not been particularly generous?

Tell me please...
Cause these thoughts torment me.

Nov. 4th, 2008


20 and (un)happy

Nobody in the wired, minus one exception, or maybe two, ok... three! Know the secret that this past weekend yours truly has turned the beautiful age of 20... Too bad I had to spend such a beautiful day in the presence of such evil people. XD I seem to attract evil things. But most people should know (or should they?) that I have unfortunately ended up with the same room mates I had last year. And if you're think, wow that's lucky, I'm saying it rather loud that no, IT IS NOT LUCKY at all. They are fairly uneducated fromj my point of view.

Advantage Points:
- They have a fridge
- We now have a computer AND a labtop in our room

Disadvantage Points:
-OBSESSED with cleanliness. I mean it. Dude, I'm ok with cleaning up once in a while. Not fucking 5 times a day!
-Rude manners.
-They like Manele and Pink. Need I say more?
-They have an issue with my free time. Not my fault that I like to read books. Not my fault that they have 15 exams a semester and I only have about 7 or 8.
-We already know each other's habits and after one year they'd probably have learned that we don't really have so many things in common and could at least leave me the hell alone.

Hmmm... looks to me like there are more disadvantages than advantages listed above. Yes I should probably move.But I'd also like to know your opinion on the matter. However I'm purposely going to give you a few details to incline the scale in my favor before you do pronounce yourselves.

1. Yes, because they were my room mates last year as well, they knew about my birthday, and bothered that much that they went and bought me a present. A striped grey and yellow anorack and a snoring blue teddy bear. Yes, I know I desperately wanted a teddy bear, but a snoring one? I mean how rude a way to tell someone they have a breathing disfunction!

2. I thought I should be nice and since it was my birthday, and law allows it here, to buy some boose and something to chew on while we chug down a couple of bottles of champaign and maybe a little juice. The blow came when one of them asked: "Don't you have a birthday cake as well?" But alas I'm perhaps the one missing the manners on this. I should definitly spend all my money to satisfy all their wishes.

3. The laundry machine we use here at the hostel on the ground floor busted. Until it is fixed, we are obliged to do our laundry wherever we can. I went this Saturday to my aunt, who lives in a lil' suburban area near Brasov and asked her to wash my things. I slept the night at her place after a healthy and fun marathon of "Dr. House" second season, on a TV with more than 5 channels. Joy! But alas happiness was not on my bill this year of my life. After having come back to the dorms I was asked: "Why didn't you tell us you weren't sleeping the night here?" I had the innocence to reply with "I didn't know I was going to sleep over either." Then my tongue itched and I asked in the same neutral tone: "Did I have to tell you?" And they must have caught on cause they immediately replied: "No. But it would have been nice of you to let us know where you were." My ass. They just about wanted to shout: "We wanted to sleep in your bed!"

4. Same day, as in yesterday (Sunday, October 26th, 2008), I went and took a bath. Came back. We have what you'd call common showers. 3 in each bathroom plus 3 toilets. When you take a bath here, it's only fair that you wear some flip-flops. So did I. But unfortunately some water might drip from them after coming back from the bathroom. And of course I was reprimanded on this fact because "Don't you ever clean up after yourself?! Look at all the water you came back with!" I took a deep breath and answered in quite a calm voice: "It's just water, it will dry off." Only to be shouted back at with "No it won't! Before it does you'll drag it all over the room and dirty it. You don't have any respect for somebody else's work!" My tongue really itched to shout back at her that she was obsessed with dirt, but I shut my mouth.

This week in the latest I do intend to have a chat with the hostel administrator and request a transfer to another room or perhaps another hostel. Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky. Until then, I'm confined to living with them and taking deep breaths every time they throw a mean intended irony my way.

The end.


Jun. 11th, 2008


Another year, another set of pretty pictures.

   My best friends from college. Jo and Doina!

   Seven sexy babes!

  Other seven gals...

  A bunch of happy girls. Aren't we just cute?

Jun. 1st, 2008



Ok, Just wtf? is going on here???

Mar. 27th, 2008


Cycle of Life: Step two (or is this three?)

This morning at 7:20 a.m. Libe, my best friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Maria-Raisa, which weighs around 8 pounds, has her "eyebrows and lower lip", and "his eyes and higher lip", and "a flat nose like babies usually do" (I'm taking her statement for granted since we only talked on the phone).

I was so anxious last night and fidgety and it wasn't just because he called me (I love my baby, but shh... He's not supposed to know) It was as if I was the one who was supposed to sit on the table with my legs sprawled, swearing, and pushing another human being out of me.

I had a troubled sleep and closer to the morning when my cellphone alarm went off (at 6 a.m.) I was dreaming that a little girl no older than 3, dressed in a white, linen, night gown gave me a sparkly star to hang around my neck and I knew then it was going to be all right. That and the fact that I fell back asleep and missed my classes today.

Around 7:20, when Libe told me she was in full expulsion process I had the vague feeling as if I were holding her hand... I know that most of you will say that's crazy, but she's my best friend, actually she's more than that: SHE'S my SISTER. We really do have a connection and these last few days I've been checking in with her daily. For example, last evening I called her three times. The first she didn't answer cause she was taking a bath. The second she didn't answer cause she was having minor contractions and the third time I called her her future mother-in-law answered (this was at 11:30 p.m.) and told me she had just left for the hospital.

Oh God. Nature is beautiful. Someday maybe I'll be looking forward to motherhood myself. Someday in the future... For now I'm coping with the situation of having a boyfriend that is nearly 5000 miles away. He called yesterday evening and we talked. I do love his voice, and all the stuff we chat about (if it's his three dogs or his sister's Tom cat)

Come to think of it, I love him. And ugh. I forgot to take the pictures for him. Well ok, I didn't actually forget, because I did tell Ade (one of my Dorm roommates), but she promised she'll take pictures Friday which is tomorrow. Plus my baby will have to understand that my best friend's pregnancy comes first.

No poems. Ok maybe just one. An older one, in a LJ cut.

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